Ofsted says…

Effectiveness of the leadership and management is good

Staff are well qualified and supported in developing their knowledge and qualifications further. This has a positive impact on practice. Staff work closely with parents and other professionals to support children in developing key skills for their move to school. Staff share practice and ideas with schools to help prepare children for the move. Staff share ideas with parents to challenge and support children’s development at home. The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Management demonstrate a keen focus on child protection. Staff are trained and regularly monitored to ensure that they know how to identify children who may be at risk of harm.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare are good

Children have developed strong bonds with their key person, giving them a secure relationship from which to explore. Children are keen to take part and to get involved. Babies enjoy singing together. They use actions as they sing familiar songs. Children develop early literacy and mathematical skills as they recognise photographs of people they know and count as they sing songs. They enjoy spending time with their friends and are learning to take turns. Staff use positive approaches to recognising and celebrating good behaviour. Children enjoying being helpers at mealtimes, tidying up after their friends and making a contribution to the social group. Children’s care routines are understood by staff and well met. When they are able, children are supported in meeting their own needs. They make a selection from the healthy range of drinks, snacks and meals. Children learn about keeping themselves healthy and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment is good

Teaching is good. Staff have created an engaging and interesting environment, both indoors and outdoors. They monitor what children already know and can do and plan suitably challenging activities to support their development even further. As a result, children enjoy their time at the nursery and are progressing well. Children learn about the world around them. They explore mini-beasts with magnifying glasses, using words to describe what they see. Children learn to be gentle with the small animals and how to care for living things. Key persons work alongside parents to ensure that children are provided with suitable challenge to help them make good progress.

Outcomes for children are good

Children are developing well. They move their bodies and squeal with delight as they join in with imaginary play. Children’s communication and language are progressing well. They enjoy talking as they explore and demonstrate their understanding of the world around them. Children who demonstrate high achievement are supported well in developing even further. Children display an eager disposition towards learning and are motivated and enthusiastic learners. They are confident and are developing their independence well.