Baby Room

Our Baby Room offers a wide range of experiences within a calm learning environment.

The room itself has a see through partition where we separate the younger babies and the ‘early walkers’. This gives the younger babies the opportunity to explore natural materials through heuristic play. We also have treasure baskets filled with natural resources that are often rotated to widen their experiences. In the younger area we also have a fantastic black and white area which includes black and white mobiles, cushions and rattles. Younger babies are also given plenty of ‘tummy time’ to help development those all important physical skills.

Our spacious and open Baby Room allows your baby to move freely around a highly stimulating learning environment. We have a range of age appropriate resources that your baby can independently access.

The staff within the Baby Room are highly experienced and endeavour to plan exciting and beneficial experiences to meet each child’s individual needs. We try to follow your babies home care routine as much as possible which helps to settle your baby and you can be relaxed in the knowledge that your baby is cared for in the way they are cared for at home.

The babies have their own warm and quiet sleep area. We have bouncers, snuggle beds and cots for them to sleep in. We work very closely with you to ensure we follow your babies sleep routine as closely as possible.

All meals for the babies are freshly cooked and served. We accommodate and work with you during the weaning process. We communicate with you about what stage your baby is at and accommodate their needs whether it is pureed foods, finger foods or finely chopped meals. We also provide certain brands of formula milk for children less than 1 year and receive funding for cow’s milk for children over the age of one year.

At Fountain Springs we understand how difficult it can be going back to work and leaving your little bundle of joy in the care of someone else. We have highly experienced staff who deal with this transition in a sensitive and professional manner.