Our Fees

We have tried to keep our fee structure as simple and transparent as possible whilst offering the booking flexibility that we know many parents and guardians require.

We offer both all year round places and term time only places. All our term time only children are to follow our term dates, including funded children, with the option to book in extra sessions throughout holidays. We offer a 10% sibling discount, including holiday club children. Our registration fee is non-refundable. Your fee covers breakfast, freshly prepared dinners and teas, drinks, snacks (dietary requirements are catered for).



We charge for 50 weeks of the year (unless your child is term time only, where you will only be charged for 38 weeks of the year. We do not charge term time only children fees to hold their place at Nursery throughout the holidays, like other Nursery’s do. The nursery is closed for 2 weeks at Christmas, which isn’t charged. We do not charge for bank holidays, which is rectified in your monthly amount. Invoices are worked out from your child’s start date (or September) to the end of our financial year, which is August, and divided by the amount of months remaining, giving the same monthly amount. A breakdown of your fee workings is available. Extra session bookings, on top of usual sessions, are welcome, but are subject to availability and booking conditions.

SESSION TIME FEE               
Registration Fee (Non-Refundable) £30.00
Morning Session 7.30am to 1.00pm £27.50
Extended morning Session 7.30am to 2.00pm £33.00
Afternoon Session 1.00pm to 6.00pm £25.50
Full day 7.30am to 6.00pm £45.00
Late collection Every 15 minutes or part of £15.00

Children attending for their funded entitlement:

Hourly Rate (for funded children before 9.00am and after 4.30pm) : £6

Lunch: £3.50

Tea £2.50